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Is your phone number being used without your knowledge?

Protect your phone numbers with Text Protect to stop unauthorized SMS porting without your knowledge and prevent possible 2FA attack vectors that can affect your business.


It's easier than ever for malicious parties to steal your text messaging.

CPaaS providers such as Twilio, Telnyx, and Bandwidth make it as easy as a click of a button to SMS enable ANY phone numbers on their networks. How would you know that your numbers were enabled with another provider?

You wouldn't, without Text Protect.


Here’s all the good stuff

Reliable system

With a direct integrations to major messaging services in the industry, when protected by Text Protect, we know the exact minute and carrier attempting to move your number, and block it.

Scalable Database

The Text Protect database can house millions of numbers from being stolen or enabled for messaging without your consent.

Easy To Get Started

The setup process is straightforward and can be completed in just a few minutes, so you can start protecting your phone number right away.

Easy to Manage

With a dedicated account representative, and APIs becoming available soon, you can mange your number inventory and feel safe knowing it is protected.


What our customers say

“We use a lot of phone numbers for our outbound marketing campaigns, and needed to ensure that nobody was tarnishing our brand without our knowledge. Text Protect helped do just that.”

“Text Protect helped us ensure that our internal numbers were not being used by unauthorized 3rd parties without our knowledge, and keeps our employees and business safe from potential attacks using SMS.”

“We got tired of hearing from clients that their messaging no longer worked because someone had ported the number away, without anyone knowing. With Text Protect, our clients are now safe from that ever happening again.”

Our Amazing Partners


SMS 2FA is considered insecure without Text Protect

Free Trial

Get a 7-day trial of Text Protect, and get a free report on your numbers

Just register below and your customized report will be delivered in 24 hours or less.


Keep yourself and your clients safe


$5 setup fee 

Flat monthly cost per number, up to 1000 numbers.

Set the foundation with all your team needs for basic data integrations.

  • Checkmark Protection for up to 1000 phone numbers
  • Checkmark One-time report on your numbers at start-up
  • Checkmark Notifications if multiple attempts made to port your number(s).
  • Checkmark 24/7/365 email support

Need clarification?

What is Text Protect?

Text Protect is a number protection service and notification service that allows users to lock their phone numbers from being SMS enabled without their consent. Additionally, Text Protect is able to provide notifications to users and Enterprises when their numbers are ported, and provides enhanced control over the migration process.

Is there a limit to how many numbers I can Text Protect?

There is no limit to the number of phone numbers you can protect. We support wireline local phone numbers based in the United States and Canada (North American Numbering Plan).

Can I change my plan later?

You absolutely can! We offer flexible pricing options. Simply contact us and we will discuss available options to you.

What is included in the free trial?

Our team of experts will review your phone numbers and return a report of the current carrier for voice and messaging (if applicable). We will then enable Text Protect on your wireline phone numbers for the duration of the trial. You can cancel anytime before the trial expires to prevent being subscribed automatically into the service.

Who is Stripe? I received an invoice from them.

Stripe is our secure payment vendor. All receipts will be received from Stripe. Learn more about Stripe at: www.stripe.com